Saturday, 4 April 2015

Prayer to the Great Mystery - Blood Moon 04/04/2015

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I ask the Great Mystery to put light into I heart so that it may be softened and unhardened.Great Mystery I know with you all things are possible.

The Great Mystery causes the Sun to rise and to set, a new day every 24 hours, with this new beginning, we are encouraged to release all that is no longer serving us, and make way for new opportunities, and experiences to come....

Great Mystery I seek to improve I-self, please put your hand on I heart in order that I may fulfil this desire, to spread love by feeling empathy

The Great Mystery loves you all I friends, and wants you all to be your best at all times, with the Great Mystery`s love, you can feel empathy for others, and with the Great Mystery`s guidance, self love and
self-improvement are inevitable.

I friends sleep well under the warm blanket of Love given to us by the Great Mystery....many blessings and much love, good night

Ayor Anosh Ni

Native Prayer adapted by Mark Osmer 2015

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