Friday, 12 December 2014

My Stallion, My Star....Poem © Martha Magenta 2014

You're stunning as a stallion on a beach.
Your hair, a mane, blows wildly in the wind.
Your eyes are like the stars I try to reach,
The lucent lights of the love of souls are twinned.
You're all the love that lived in every heart,
A love that makes a strong and true connection,
And should we ever find ourselves apart,
Our hearts shall know where lies our deep affection,
Along with passion, ecstasy and love.
Radiant reminders of my Stallion! My Star!
When I behold effulgent jewels above.
Though we may roam to foreign lands afar,
Those heady, honey days and moonlit nights,
Still shine like stars in Love's poetic writes.

Poem © Martha Magenta 2014

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