Sunday, 9 March 2014

Water is Life

Bubbling birthing spring, dribbling,
Gathering ribbons feed the youthful rush
Clattering steeply down stone stairs
Resting briefly in deep pools, soothing,
Resumes its refreshing, sparkling flow
Roaring rapids, foaming, effervescent
Powerfully carves, with widening shoulders
A relentless glistening course,
Meandering, probing, through rock and clay
Silent, wiser, it rolls on thoughtfully
Diffusing into salted oceans
Transformed, vaporized,
Memories of source, distant
Dreamily spiraling over limitless blue horizons
Drifting above higher peaks, dusted with its frozen cousins
Succumbing to gravity’s incessant tug,
Diving, free falling, liquid tumbling
Exploding upon leaf and soil
Absorbed, dusty throats quenched….

Mark Osmer, Inspired and written at the Yurt, Saintfield, County Down. Northern Ireland


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